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Carotid IMT

The Cardiovascular Core Laboratories at the MedStar Health Research Institute is an academic cardiovascular imaging Core Lab which provides internationally recognized expertise in an efficient and responsive environment. We recognize the demands placed on sponsors and pride ourselves on having the perfect blend of academic integrity and operational efficiency, unparalleled by any commercial lab. How do we do this? It is simple - we approach every new study as we would a new patient. We seek to understand the study, it's background and what it is trying to accomplish. Then we offer our experience and expertise in medical imaging to help guide the study to effectively and efficiently reach its endpoints.

Cardiovascular imaging is rapidly expanding and we can help you understand what each modality can and cannot do for your clinical trial. We will ensure your investigators are adequately trained to optimize the yield of the imaging data and see that all regulatory requirements are in place. We also enjoy assisting with data analysis and interpretation, presentations to the medical community and education of the regulatory agencies about the study results. While you may choose some or all of these services, you will find that we care about your study and look after it in the manner that you would expect from your own personal physician.

The Cardiovascular Core Labs consists of the Echocardiography Core Lab, the Intravascular Ultrasound Core Lab, the Cardiac MRI Core Lab, the Cardiac CT Core Lab and the Carotid IMT Core Lab.

Echocardiography Core Laboratory

Under the direction of Dr. Neil Weissman and Dr. Federico M. Asch, the Echocardiography Core Lab provides interpretation and analysis for all types of cardiac ultrasound images including transthoracic, transesophageal/intraoperative, intracardiac and epicardial echocardiography.

Intravascular Ultrasound Core Laboratory

Under the direction of Dr. Neil Weissman, , the Intravascular Ultrasound (IVUS) Core Lab provides support to several diverse multicenter trials including assessment of plaque progression / regression, local drug delivery, novel stent designs, drug eluting stents, mechanical local therapeutics and peripheral interventions.

Cardiac MRI

Under the direction of Dr. Tony Fuisz, cardiac MRI is an ideal imaging tool that provides high resolution images to assess left ventricular volumes, mass and function (perfusion).

Cardiac CT

Under the direction of Drs. Guy Weigold and Allen Taylor, cardiac CT is the latest and one of the most exciting imaging modalities introduced into the cardiac arena. CT has well established role for pericardial disease and calcium detection and now multi-slice CT is rapidly gaining acceptance for myocardial and coronary arterial imaging.

Carotid IMT

Under the direction of Dr. Allen Taylor, the Carotid IMT Core Lab provides carotid intima-media thickness (IMT) interpretation and analysis. Using state of the art equipment, including automated border detection software, measurements can be accurately made of carotid intima medial thickness, vessel diameter, plaque size and plaque area. The technique can be used to characterize the burden of atherosclerosis, or in serial studies to monitor progression/regression of atherosclerosis.